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Michael Baldree
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My interest in vintage style embroidery began when I wanted to recreate a wool cycling jersey from the 1930s to wear at the L'Eroica bicycle event in Paso Robles, California. After sewing my wool jersey, I realized computerized embroidery machines could not accurately replicate the "old-school" lettering style and appearance. Determined to achieve the right look, I visited countless embroidery shops and finally discovered Chainstitch machines. 


I soon learned that shirts, jackets, household linens, western wear, and even 1950s poodle skirts were all embroidered on a machine with origins that date back to France's mid-1800s.


At Chainstitched, I primarily use Cornely embroidery machines manufactured in France between the 1900's through the 1960's. Although mechanized, this process is not computerized.  Using a handle hidden underneath the table, I physically guide each stitch until the work is complete.


Because of my interest in old machines and the creative possibilities, I was hooked and began embroidering using techniques developed over a century ago.

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