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Youth Artists
NOST Location C

Emma Terry
Drawing and painting

I have always loved painting, ever since I was around 3 years old. What I like about abstract art is that you use your own creativity and imagination to come up with what the painting may portray. I also always felt fascinated by landscape pieces and nature, so I decided to combine the two in my artwork. I used to use very mild, and unsaturated colors in my artwork, but I have found that a brighter and bolder piece would be much more pleasing to the eye. I often don’t plan out my paintings, instead, I just start painting. My inspiration often comes after I paint the piece.

Emma will also be offering face painting during the show

Juniper Weber

Zeah Tepperman

Zeah is a fifth grader at the Corvallis Waldorf. She loves to make jewlery and art. She also loves to explore nature. She plans on donating some of her proceeds to the Homeless Shelter. Her hope is that they can use that money to help more homeless people. You can also find Zeahs jewelery at Green House Coffee.

Susannah Epps

My crochet journey started almost 2 years ago, when my cousin taught me how. I started crocheting wobbly-edged squares with her. After that visit ended, with many hours poring over YouTube videos and books, my crochet journey took off. 

   I learned how to make amigurumi (the Japanese word for a small, stuffed doll) and now that is my main focus. I love working with different yarns. Somedays I go for a thin, non-natural acrylic yarn and thread, then the next day with fluffy and bulky yarn or velvety yarn. Something I am working on now is crocheting with the natural, homespun wool my sister makes. It’s great for making pieces that are nature inspired. 

 I like playing with colors- making something red when it should be blue is fun! I love rainbows and brights. My goal is to crochet things that make me smile, cheer somebody up, or add to a happy occasion. I take inspiration from things I see wherever I go. I crochet every day and I love it.

Aloe McQueen

Jewelry making is one of my hobbies, and I’m always interested in trying something new or expanding my knowledge of it. I enjoy making adjustable rings and earrings with beads, and many of my designs include queer pride colors. I have always been an artist, and plan to always be one. I am glad my art has come down this path of jewelry, and I love to sketch. I do my best on every piece, as if it was for a friend or for me to wear. My jewelry makes great gifts, and I am open to the idea of commissions.

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