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Youth Artists
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Emma Terry
Drawing and painting

I have always loved painting, ever since I was around 3 years old. What I like about abstract art is that you use your own creativity and imagination to come up with what the painting may portray. I also always felt fascinated by landscape pieces and nature, so I decided to combine the two in my artwork. I used to use very mild, and unsaturated colors in my artwork, but I have found that a brighter and bolder piece would be much more pleasing to the eye. I often don’t plan out my paintings, instead, I just start painting. My inspiration often comes after I paint the piece.

Susannah Epps

My crochet journey started almost 2 years ago, when my cousin taught me how. I started crocheting wobbly-edged squares with her. After that visit ended, with many hours poring over YouTube videos and books, my crochet journey took off. 

   I learned how to make amigurumi (the Japanese word for a small, stuffed doll) and now that is my main focus. I love working with different yarns. Somedays I go for a thin, non-natural acrylic yarn and thread, then the next day with fluffy and bulky yarn or velvety yarn. Something I am working on now is crocheting with the natural, homespun wool my sister makes. It’s great for making pieces that are nature inspired. 

 I like playing with colors- making something red when it should be blue is fun! I love rainbows and brights. My goal is to crochet things that make me smile, cheer somebody up, or add to a happy occasion. I take inspiration from things I see wherever I go. I crochet every day and I love it.

Naieli 3.jpg

Naieli Hays



I’ve loved art since I was about 5 years old. I’ve always loved filling in coloring books with vibrant colors but I could never focus on just one page. I am always multitasking, switching from one piece to another. I will be doing a lot of different pieces, like yarn paintings and little stuffed animals and pillows, but I love painting too.   I’m in third grade, and I am in dual immersion. I speak both English and Spanish. One of the other things I love to do is play soccer. It is so fun and I love kicking my ball around. I love soccer just like I love art. 

This is my first art show and I am happy to say that I will be donating part of my funds to Greenbelt Land Trust. Greenbelt Land trust works on protecting and preserving the Willamette Valley. I like this organization because they help keep Oregon, well, Oregon. Art is very important to me because I love it so much, it is what I do before I leave for school and I love doing it when I come home too. Art is a big part of my life, and I am very thankful for it.        

Annelies Thurber 1.jpg

Annelies Thurber 
Jewelry and Fibers

I have always loved art of all kinds, from painting to sewing, and I love to bring my ideas to life. I am inspired by nature, people, and fashion. I enjoy experimenting with lots of different mediums.

I will be selling handmade screen printed pouches, and several different types of jewelry including leather earrings, beaded earrings, and beaded bracelets and chokers. I am open to the idea of commissions.

Navah Mallette