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Joan Thompson
Mixed Media Collage

 For me, the art of collage is the most intriguing and rewarding way of expressing the crazy, beautiful, and mysterious potpourri of life. Being an incurable bibliophile, I quite naturally morphed into an obsession with paper, any kind and any age: handmade; flea-market finds of fragile letters; vintage books with their marbled end papers, etc.

    All my life I’ve loved and studied art history. When I decided to make some kind of art, my first vividly remembered encounter with a Georges Braque collage sealed the deal: cut, tear, arrange, and paste paper!

    Once started, collage easily invites other materials and innumerable found objects: pressed leaves, fabric, burned boards - you name it, it’s been collaged someplace by someone!  Eventually I explored mixed media: watercolor, acrylics, photography, charcoal.

    Artists who have inspired me often make their way into my collages; I welcome the chance to pay homage to the imaginations that inspire me on this always-surprising journey of cutting and pasting.

                                           NOST Location C


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