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Maguelonne Ival
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“Maguelonne Ival (Mag) was born and raised in France and has lived in Corvallis, Ore., since 2004. She started ceramics there and never stopped.   The pandemic made her realize how central ceramics is to her life, and led her to create her company “Terre des Oules” (loosely translated “land of ceramics”).  Mag sells her ceramics online and at craft markets around Oregon.  She has been teaching ceramic workshops in Salem and Corvallis and is a member of the Willamette Ceramics Guild and Corvallis Art Guild. 

Mag uses porcelain and colored clay to create both functional and sculptural ceramic pieces. She creates patterns with the colored clay, using the Japanese Nerikomi technique, then uses these patterns to Hand-build  some pieces, or add handles or decorative accents to Wheel-thrown pieces.

Lately she has been making egg-shaped sculptures that can be completely round, balanced on a tripod base, stacked or nested within each other. She decorates them in various ways by carving, using colored slip, Nerikomi patterns and any other techniques she can dream up, some requiring soap bubbles or cheese cloth.

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