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Mary Boucher
Fiber Artist/ Weaver
Map Location G

Mary Boucher has loved creating things since she was young. She is most often drawn to the fiber arts: knitting, cross stitch, embroidery, and hand sewing. Most recently, she has found a love of handweaving textiles on the floor loom. She has taken classes with a few Northwest teachers, and finds weavers to be incredibly helpful and generous. Creating functional, beautiful things with string- playing with colors, patterns and textures, makes her heart sing. She also loves nature, and has a deep trust in the healing medicine of plants and shares that with others, as a Naturopathic Doctor, and a (past) Midwife. Besides playing on the loom, she can be found playing in the dirt- hiking, watching sunrises and gardening- riding her bike (Bella), or finding new adventures with her family and friends (furry and otherwise).

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