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Erin Wallace
Assemblage & Mixed Media
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Erin Wallace is a long time artist, art teacher, and resident of Corvallis where she lives with her family. Erin teaches art at the middle school and high school level while continuing to create her own art on the side, and is a member of The Nest Artists’ Collective.

She made her official beginning in the  arts at The Evergreen State College where she graduated with a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in sculpture and metal work. She spent time in both Mexico and Chile, where she continued to develop her skills as a jeweler and sculptor working with master craftsmen.  After college Erin moved to Colorado where she worked as a graphic designer before returning to school to earn a teaching certificate in art and started her teaching career.

Furthering her love of three dimensional art, Erin creates assemblages in which she arranges found objects and original art into boxes and deconstructed canvases.  She loves the stories that are told in everyday objects, new and old.  Her quirky style, plus strong drawing and painting skills give the works many layers of detail and color that draws the viewer into her world.

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