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Keith Olsen
Functional Ceramics
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Pottery as a Journey

I have been throwing pottery part time for over 30 years. I started in college at the local craft center and love the way spinning clay can become something functional, beautiful, and lovely to hold. After a brief pause when my children were infants, I moved my clay operation to my home garage and eventually transitioned my work to cone 6 electric; however, I still occasionally get the chance to wood/soda fire in outdoor atmospheric kilns. I am mostly self-taught and love my local clay community where we share ideas and wisdom on the ceramic process. Recently, I built my first heated studio and now enjoy making pottery year round without the stress of worrying about clay and glaze freezing in the Oregon winter (not to mention my hands). In recent years I have started making cremation urns, and I love how the beauty and functionality of handmade ceramics connects the 

everyday to the larger forces of life.

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