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Avie Meadows
Graphic Clay & Sculptural Insects
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For my ever evolving series, Insetca,  I use clay and glazes to make whimsical ceramic sculptures of lovable (also creepy) bugs. Every bug in this ongoing series is inspired by an actual, living insect, and re-imagined by me into hand-sculpted, ceramic sculptures.


I am both fascinated and repelled by insects.  Big eyes (bug eyes!), strange-to-us bodies, ever-moving antennae, wings that threaten unpredictable flight, and So Many Legs.  They are animals of luminous texture, and a wild, unfathomable array of shapes and sizes.  I am inspired by their evolution (older than dinosaurs), resilience (outnumbering humans 1.4 billion :1), and beauty.  I want my bug sculptures to help us push past discomfort and bias to find joy and levity in what is unusual and different. To stay connected and curious about the world. 


My work is made with mid-range white and red clay bodies, molds, slab work, porcelain slip, transfer papers, nichrome wire, stippling, sgraffito, stamps, glazes, and lustres. All insects go through the firing process to cone 6, with a final low temp luster firing where real gold is affixed to each piece. All wooden displays/frames have been custom built by me from locally sourced Alder and repurposed wood.

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