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Fred Hughes
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I started turning about 22 years ago or so.  My first pieces were very simple rolling pins and then I started turning salad bowls.  But then I took a class from David Ellsworth, one of the most accomplished tuners in the country, and it totally changed my direction to turn more artistic pieces. I am always in search of the perfect form and curve.   But of course perfection is just an imagined destination so I continue to turn.


One of the benefits of living in Oregon is the abundance of wood.  Almost every piece I use has been reclaimed or salvaged from becoming firewood, pulp for paper, burn piles etc.  Part of the joy of turning is identifying trees/logs that I think have beautiful figure in them.  I’ve learned how to do this from many mentors including some generous loggers, arborists and instrument wood experts.  When I put a piece on the lathe it’s like opening a Xmas present to find the gift inside.  Sometimes it’s the equivalent of a tie or a pair of socks and sometimes it’s the most beautiful thing you could ever imagine.  And my joyful job is to display the gifts of beauty nature has bestowed on us.

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