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Chris Adams
Illustrator & Printmaker
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Chris Adams is the creative mind behind Corvidopolis, The Mushroom Tarot and Sporelust!.
Raised in the Pacific Northwest, he has always had a fondness for the outdoors and a love of creating art.
After studying architecture at university he began working as an illustrator & printmaker, and has continued down that path for over a decade.
In his late 20s he was introduced to mushroom foraging, and sometime around 2014 those two passions collided––the rest is (recent) history!
His work merges youthful influences from skate-punk culture, 60s & 70s counterculture inspiration and an attention to scientifically accurate depiction of mushrooms, plants and animals.
Most recently he has begun to find himself in a position of an ‘accidental’ science educator by tricking people into learning about mycology & biodiversity through his artwork, which often utilizes recognizable popular culture references while maintaining key elements of physical accuracy.


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