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Pam Van Londen

My latest works are a set of 150+ small nature dreamscapes in watercolor.
Mid-sized works are typically in oil on Claybord panels and larger works
are in acrylic on gallery-edged canvas. 

Drives along the Willamette Valley's scenic highways inspire my current watercolor landscape sketches. I experiment with spraying, dripping, and drawing on the paper to add texture and deepen the values.  


My artistic journey began at the age of 12. During a visit to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, I watched a women paint perfect but random circles on a large sheet of paper. She used a sumi-e brush and black India ink. “Oh! “I thought, “what a feat!” I’ve been filling sketch books and canvases ever since. I really began to paint during a sketching excursion in Provence with Marie le Glatin Kies, a French artist and author. Her magical approach reminded me that I need not force anything; just observe. En plein air and studio landscapes are my most common subjects, but I often paint flowers, portraits, and abstracts. I studied art and photography in high school, college, and graduate school. For 2 decades, I provided marketing consulting, graphic design, web development, illustration, and photography services to small and medium businesses. In 2005, I traveled through the South to devote more time to painting. I currently teach full time for OSU's online Computer Science Program.

NOST Location D


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